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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Do It Yourself, Dammit, I'm Too Lazy: Giants 4, Dodgers 2

Jesus X. Christ in a bucket o' balls did the Dodgers stink it up today. But instead of yours truly giving out a blow-by-blow description of the awfulness, I'm going to let you do it, and see what turns up. Winner of the best completion gets... aw, hell, nothing, but I might post it. Oh, wait, I can't...

Los Angeles Times
Wednesday, April 6
By Bill Plaschke

So this is how .

The lifeless Dodgers, stripped of their , couldn't , couldn't , and couldn't .

We should have . When DePodesta replaced Beltre with , the only certainty was .

But we shouldn't . When DePodesta rebuilt the team in the offseason, he .

And now the Dodgers season is in doubt.


Thanks to Jonah at LA Blogs for the link. Update: ... and Idiot Philip Michaels.


In all seriousness, Lowe looked great. But that infield – ouch.
LOL. That's gonna go down as a classic.
Thanks, Jon.
I enjoyed the do your own Plaschke, but I don't think he was in San Francisco. I think he's in Anaheim tonight.

So you might get a column about the virtuous Angels winning while the evil Dodgers lost.
Pure golf Rob! Pure Gold!

Once of the funniest things I have seen in a long, long time.
That was supposed to be GOLD! Not GOLF! (I have a one track mind!)
And here's the real thing:

funny. funny. funny.

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