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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey, Matt: Here's The Great D-Mac Vs. All Those Other Mediocrities Swing-And-Miss Competition

Here's something to look at, referent to this comment:

Dallas McPherson vs. Rick Monday, Rob Deer, and Jack Howell, by age

Dallas seems to be higher than either Rick Monday or Jack Howell in his swing-and-misstitude, but lower than Rob Deer, who somehow cobbled together a career despite it. Still, it would be a lot more comforting to see him strike out in fewer than 30% of his at bats.

Update: Okay, Salmon and Glaus duly added -- making the chart less clear, by the way. As well, I added minor league records for everyone where I could get strikeout data, meaning everyone but Rob Deer.

Can you put Salmon's and Glaus' strikeouts/AB by age on that graph, too. I think someone commented a few days ago (it may have been Matt), that they had really high K rates in the minors as well.
I think a fraction of a rookie season can hardly be used to determine long term ML success. Let's give him a full year before we crucify the dude!
"Crucify"? I certainly think he needs to prove himself at the major league level this year. If he doesn't, something's definitely wrong.
I think it does help, though. You can see that McPherson is definitely on the high end and would threaten for the strikeout record at that pace (which would likely change over a full year).
Thanks! And put Jim Edmonds on there too, wouldja?

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