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Sunday, June 11, 2006

All Alone In First: Dodgers 6, Rockies 5

Matt Kemp's pair of dingers really made this game; we're told that Kemp is the only player in major league history to hit so many homers in so few games, or something like this, during the broadcast. However it works, Kemp, who currently sports a ridiculous .366/.400/.829 line has taken out a lease on the friggin' cleanup spot, at least until the Dodgers get J.D. Drew or Jeff Kent back into the lineup. I've been skeptical of the Dodgers rookies before this year, but in limited action, Kemp appears to be the real deal, as do Russ Martin, Andre Ethier, and to a somewhat lesser degree, Willy Aybar.


Thank you for showing the rookies some respect. Right now, they deserve it. Of course that could all change once NL pitchers change the way they pitch to them.
I'm surprised you qualify your praise of Aybar. Between last September and this year, he strikes me as the most solid, consistent, ML ready of the rooks - at least at the plate. I have a giant man-crush on Kemp, but I wouldn't be surprised if he slumps and goes back to the minors. He hasn't even seen AAA yet.
My gosh Rob. It had to be literally dragged out of you.

Are you so down on the supposed greatness of the LA farm system that you unwillingly acknowledge the nice seasons some Dodger rookies are having? It may not last (how could anyone keep up what Kemp is doing?) but it is a nice ride for now.

Lighten up Rob, enjoy a little bit of what there has been so little of lately (good news).

Have a nice day.
No, Mike, it didn't "literally" have to be dragged out of me (and your knowledge of what "literal" means is apparently defective). And as to your entire comment, read above; I was being complimentary to the Dodgers' rookies, something you don't seem capable of understanding. Or do you like attacking strawmen?

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