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Friday, September 22, 2006

C'mon, MLBAM, You Can Do Better Than That

I just got word that MLBAM is producing a series of CDs with classic radio calls, which is like, way cool, but check these losers they picked for the Dodgers: Can they possibly be serious? Every single one is a Dodger loss. Every. One.

Update: Looks like I missed out on their site navigation, but the "featured products" were still lousy. But hey, they have Jon's favorite game available...

Years ago I bought the nolan Ryan rcord-setting strikeout game and was dismayed to see not a single break - watch of the three CDS is ONE TRACK. Imagine mashing these in your i-Pod as half innings? It would be awesome, but that might take ten seconds of paying an engineer...
Maybe they couldn't get the rights to any games the Dodgers won. ;-)
Correction. The Dodgers had TWO losses in the 1959 World Series: Game 5, and Game 1, which the Sox won 11-0.

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