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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pickoff Moves

Today's Birthdays

Pedro Borbon LAN b. 1967, played 1999. Son of another Pedro Borbon, Borbon pére came up with the Angels, while fils pitched in relief for the Dodgers in 1999. This one was with the Angels briefly last year in their minors as he attempted a comeback that never happened.

Tom Donohue CAL b. 1952, played 1979-1980

Greg Jones ANA,LAA b. 1976, played 2003, 2005

Mickey Livingston BRO b. 1914, played 1951, d. 1983-04-03

Jay Partridge BRO b. 1902, played 1927-1928, d. 1974-01-14

Pat Ragan BRO b. 1888, played 1911-1915, d. 1956-09-04

Jack Smith LAN b. 1935, played 1962-1963

More On The Dodgers' Arizona Move

The Times has more on the Dodgers' possible move to Glendale, Ariz. The bad news (if, as I am, you're rooting for this to happen) appears to be threefold: It may well end up that the Dodgers have to pay for their Arizona facility on their own, or wait a few years for more money from the state to appear.

More Notesies

You know, in 2005 (I think), Jose Molina had lost a fair amount of weight and looked to be in much better condition than his brother. Then last season he seemed to regress quite a bit, which surprised me. You'd think that with the opportunity to win an every day job, he would have come to camp in much better shape and stayed that way during the season.

I still think he's an excellent defensive catcher, probably one of the two or three best in the league. I would be shocked if they outright released him.
I really hope the Angels give Kotchman a chance to make it back. If he doesn't look ready in spring training, at least put him in AAA, and let him work it out. I still think he may be our best option at 1B.
Agreed on Kotchman; I still like him a lot. He's got great plate discipline, something this organization desperately needs. It's always possible that this is a tweak in his ear to motivate him...

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