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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

If at First You Don't Succeed, Rewrite the Job Description

Frank McCourt isn't a man to be told "no" to -- witness his destructive acquisition of the Dodgers. His pursuit of Billy Beane is apparently on again, and as the Times reports today, he might restructure the job such that the incoming GM would also own the dual title of team president. Regardless, A's owner Steve Schott has already refused McCourt permission to speak with Beane, an unsurprising result. And, just as unsurprising, "Stand" Pat Gillick, former Mariners GM, is uninterested in the job.

A's AGM Paul DePodesta is said to be interested. I would be nervous about a Beane disciple in the Dodgers henhouse as it gives Beane another dumping ground for his failures. With the A's farm system in steep decline, the idea of Beane using PDP as a conduit for inhaling the best of our young talent is just frightening.

Update: The San Francisco Chronicle indicated today that Beane was approached by Boston and turned down once before Schott relented. But that was before Beane re-signed to an 8-year contract extension. Would Schott really go through all that drama queen stuff again?


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