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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Now That's More Like It: Angels 12, Detroit 3

Wash had one heck of a game today, with a quality start: three runs in eight innings, as close to a complete game as I've ever seen him pitch. I had a feeling we wouldn't get two bad pitching performances in a row, and Wash delivered. His 113 pitches by the end of the eighth was a fine, low count. Homers by Guillen and Guerrero give all surviving members of the G-force dingers on this swing through Motown, and even my favorite whipping boy Erstad went 2-6, driving in four runs. He's gone from being simply horrific to merely bad, but then, maybe I've been too mean to begin with. After all, I cut Salmon some slack for having bad Aprils, but maybe we should do the same with Ersty:


And that's as far back as the situational splits on mlb.com go. Nope, he's just up and down, so this year he's darn close to having the worst April OBP of his career. Speaking of Salmon, though -- .188? Dude -- time to right that ship.

Meantime, Figgy goes 2-5 with a walk in the leadoff spot. Mike, are you taking notes? Heck, there's a lot of two-fers in this lineup: Figgins, Erstad, Vlad (4-5!), Guillen, and Molina (2-4) all got two hits or more today. Nice to see the boys hitting well after yesterday's perplexing power outage.


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