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Thursday, April 29, 2004

OT: 10,000

For a vanity site, I'm amazed at how quickly everything has taken off around here. This not-very-old blog has already clicked over to 9,500 visits, which means 10,000 should hit some time this weekend if not sooner. While I'll attribute this level of limited "success" to the AAA Plumbing effect (i.e., because the blog name is numeric, it alphabetizes first in an ASCII sort, thus appearing on the top of a lot of lists), I'd also like to think that, because I cover more than one team, I get some bleedthrough on that as well. I know I have regular readers from various newspapers and other media outlets, and while that tickles me as a "writer" -- I certainly don't hold myself to the same standards Jon or Jay Jaffe do (Jay won't write something up unless he can publish a minimum of four paragraphs) -- I mostly appreciate the sheer number of folks who've thought enough to come by and visit, and sometimes, chat. Thank you everyone -- it's been surprising and a lot of fun.


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