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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Rally Monkey, In Blue: Dodgers 7, Giants 3

I watched the Angels clinch the division -- the hard way, in the manner predicted by bear88 at Athletics Nation:
Honestly, would you rather lose 10-0 or have the bullpen blow a lead and lose by one?
The A's did both within 48 hours. Meantime, the Dodgers' offense just couldn't capitalize on the Giants' mistakes, and went into the ninth 3-0, just like it had been since the seventh.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the loss.

Cody Ransom came in to play shortstop.

Shawn Green singled.

Ventura walked.

Cora struck out, but Jose Hernandez walked. Bases loaded.

Hee Seop Choi walked, driving in a run, the first of the day. Giants 3, Dodgers 1

Jason Christianson replaced Dustin Hermanson, the Giants now genuinely nervous.

Izzy hit into what surely looked like a double play ball, but Ransom misplayed it. Everybody safe! Giants 3, Dodgers 2.

Matt Herges comes out, the Giants now sweating artillery shells. Werth singles against him, a short single to right that ties the game. Giants 3, Dodgers 3.

And Wayne Franklin came in to give the Dodgers their final bit of love for the season, a 0-1 count fastball Fins raked over the fence, tattooing an exclamation point on the value of The Trade, and sealing the Dodgers' 2004 -- and possibly, the Giants'. Dodgers 7, Giants 3.


People wonder how I can follow two teams, call me a bandwagoner and worse, but days like today make everything worthwhile. The reptilian part of the brain, the ancient piece that only knows victory and defeat, jumps from a standing start to the ceiling. Sean, wearing his casually elegant wordsmithery like a fine jacket, calls Halofan " the unrestrained id of Angels blogdom", pointing us at this fine entry:
So we have to think about our special memories of this season, this rollercoaster. We must believe that those moments, those amazing slices of experience were forever part of some grand design, we have to BELIEVE that they were for something, that they mattered. That at the very least they will win the division and the year 2004 will be up on the walls and around the stadium and on the merchandise, and for years to come we can see that year up there and know it intimately as a dear, dear friend, for we will have retained a few perfect recollections of the magic.
I can't think of a more perfect ending to either team's 2004, both clinching on the same day, within minutes of each other.
Now: do we go for the jugular and try to force the Giants out of the postseason? Or do we rest our regulars?

Dude, it's the hated Giants. Nothing would make the Dodgers more satisfied than keeping the Giants from the playoffs.
Rob, I hear ya man. Today was a sweet, no doubt. But it was mind-blowingly sweet for me, because we didn't clinch against the Brewers, the Indians, or some other team. We did it against the *hated* rivals up north. I'd be jumping up to the ceiling whether it was our teams clinching, or Oakland/SF being eliminated. That it was both scenarios coming to fruition made me jump straight through the ceiling and halfway to the moon. And two within half an hour of each other.. crazy, beautiful day.

Cody Ransom, somebody must of kicked you around son! Thanks for the error!

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