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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Pickoff Moves, Why Am I Up At 5:00 AM On A Sunday Edition

Post-Traumatic Frets Syndrome

The New York Post worries that one of the two New York teams won't acquire centerfielder Carlos Beltran. "'He's the smoothest player in the game today,' one scout said. 'Where Beltran goes, World Series will follow.'" Sure. Houston had a great run in the Series before Boston swept 'em in four. Right?

A Shoulder Made Of Glaus, Part 2

Troy Glaus "refuses to sign a contract waiver against re-injuring his shoulder" according to the Seattle Times. Neither would I, but I wonder who will sign him if he doesn't.

McCain Demands Action On Steroids

Arizona senator John McCain demands action on steroids to "restore the integrity" of the game. "I'll introduce legislation in January, but I hope I don't have to do that," he said. So long as baseball has an antitrust exemption, so long will it be vulnerable to legislative blackmail of this sort.

... And It's Got The Sabermetric Seal Of Approval!

In that same Times story, the Dodgers are close to inking a $1.13M/one-year deal with OF Ricky Ledee. I earlier chided the Giants when they traded for him back in August, and little wonder:
Ledee has a career average of .242 with 53 home runs. He batted .285 in 123 at-bats with the Phillies, but only .113 in 53 at-bats after being traded to the Giants in July.
Is a bad move automatically a good one because your GM has a rep as a sabermetric guy?

K-Rod In Winter Ball Again, Angels Not Happy Again

Frankie is back in Venezuela and throwing in winter ball. The Angels apparently blame last year's stint for his being gassed in the third game of the ALCS; it's likely that if he's long-termed, the Angels will insert a clause prohibiting him from playing in the offseason.


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