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Monday, February 28, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Kendry Morales Decreasingly Likely To Make The Club

As each day passes that Kendry Morales doesn't appear in an Angels uniform, so does another day pass that he won't make the team. Morales remains stuck in the Dominican with visa problems thanks to his defection from Cuba.

Kennedy Takes Groundballs

In that same story: Adam Kennedy took grounders, two days ahead of schedule. The balls, easy balls hit straight at him, proved no challenge for the second baseman, but "'[i]f I had to move to my right and throw back across my body, it might be a different story,' Kennedy said." Kennedy tore two ligaments fielding an Ichiro groundball last year.

Escobar Throws From The Mound

Also: Kelvim Escobar threw a bullpen session, and said "I feel real, real good". Escobar is projected to enter the rotation in the fifth spot.

The Ultimate Revenge

Jeff Kent entering the Hall of Fame in a Dodgers uniform? Heh, you bet, and talk about a sweet way for the Dodgers twist the knife a little.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood -- And Rodeo Drive, And ...

The Angels have taken a cautious path with their new closer and have declined to long-term him. Instead, they've elected to negotiate with him after the season is over; if he has a good year, as expected, the Angels will have to pay far more than they would if he were signed now. Frankie will make from $425,000 to $500,000 this year and will be arbitration-eligible in 2006.

Penny Throws From The Mound

Brad Penny threw 50 pitches from the mound, to no ill effect.

How To Shut Down 419 Scammers

Is this not the coolest thing ever? Well, pretty cool, anyway. Scammers set up fake bank websites to swindle those too dumb to realize that, no, there's no former Nigerian oil minister waiting to give you a million or two in exchange for your bank account number. These guys turn around and flood their websites with traffic until they cry Uncle, or their service providers do. Heh.


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