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Saturday, April 16, 2005

A's 1, Angels 0

You'd think that this would be exactly the kind of game the anti-Moneyball crew could win: a tight pitcher's duel -- and, about which, whoa. Since when did Washburn become the kind of pitcher about whom the word "duel" could be used?

But I digress.

Losing to the A's on a botched, late-inning play like this one doesn't mean the Angels can't find things to like about it, namely Washburn's excellent performance, and one inning of good work from Brendan Donnelly. (We can assume Donnelly won't see any multi-inning games anytime soon if his last appearance against the Rangers is any indication.) But if the bullpen continues its erratic failures, the acquisition of Yan in the face of the A's picking up Kiko Calero and Juan Cruz makes Bill Stoneman once more look like he's a step behind Beane when it comes to building a team.



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