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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Space Ghosts

I really liked the idea that Ken Arneson had about capturing images of ballparks from space using Google. It occurred to me yesterday that could be extended to parks that no longer exist. Hence, today's slide show: Space Ghosts, a catalogue of parks where major league baseball was once played, but is no more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

I was just checking out the map feature on google. like the Angel Stadium picture was taken during a motocross event.

I've wasted a lot of hours on that satellite thing. Really cool.
Great work, Rob. It's interesting to see that Candletick Park and Veteran Stadium were photographed in the middle of games.
Here's another one for the collection, the old location of Comiskey Park, which was just north of the new ballpark.
Thanks. I based my list on the ballparks.com list, and theirs is missing old Comiskey and Los Angeles Wrigley, both of which housed major league teams (the Tigers and Angels respectively). Also missing is the Kingdome, where the M's used to play. More stuff to add, I guess.
... and Sicks Stadium, home of the predecessor team to the Mariners, the Pilots (who flew off to become the Brewers). Wow.
New Commiskey still has the plate and baselines from old Commiskey laid out in the parking lot. If you zoom in one more notch on DX's link, look for the tan circle just north of home plate at the southwest corner of that lot, and you can see the lines coming out from it at a 90 degree angle. Looks like they took that when the Robert Taylor homes were still standing. If they rotated the new park 90 degrees to the left, there would be a great view of downtown. I hope to be there for all four of the Angels games there later this month.
Whoa, if you scroll north, you can see Soldier Field in mid-construction, and Meigs Field before they ripped up all the pavement from the runways overnight (without telling anyone).
William -- your writing me reminds me that the Athletics should have had some parks in Philadelphia and Kansas City, but ballparks.com didn't get to all of them, either... or else I was looking at an abbreviated page. I'll get to that later on.
Rob, great piece! A couple more to add:

* Tiger Stadium, 2121 Trumbull St., Detroit.
* Huntington Grounds (Huntington & Forsyth), Boston, on the campus of Northeastern.
* The Met, Minneapolis (actually Bloomington) -- home plate is in Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America.
* Griffith Stadium
Oh, and one more, The Mistake By the Lake, now replaced by the new Cleveland Browns stadium.
Fooey. It looks like I missed the entire American League. I'll get to that in another post, I suppose.

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