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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Tailgunner" Frank Robinson Has A List

I didn't like Frank Robinson much after last night's tirade. Frankly, even if Robinson was within his legal rights to have Donnelly chased from the game and possibly suspended because of an illegal substance, Scioscia was absolutely within his rights, too, to do the same in retaliation. Frank's reaction?
"He told me he's going to have every other pitcher of mine undressed — I took that as a threat," Robinson said. "I lost a lot of respect for Mike tonight as a person and a manager."
Feeling's mutual, jackass. So does Robinson take it calmly?
Scioscia turned his back to Robinson and began walking toward the Angel dugout, but Robinson followed him, countering with a few choice words of his own.

"Frank obviously wasn't happy — he was screaming," Scioscia said. "We weren't making a lunch date."

But that's not enough; Robinson can't wait to start inventing charges:
Robinson also accused Donnelly of "having sandpaper on his pitching hand. He either put it in his back pocket or gave it to Adam Kennedy," but Scott, the crew chief, said, "We don't know anything about any sandpaper."
Really, Frank? Why didn't you say something at the time about it? I'll tell you why: because you know your move was a classless, bogus witch hunt, and you need the mantle of respectability in a hurry.

Update: Apparently I'm not the only one to feel that way. The ridiculous comments by the Nats fans there are also pretty (unintentionally) funny as well.

Update 2: The BTF thread also has some comedic treasures, of the intentional variety.

Update 3: More at Chronicles.

Additional thoughts: Donnelly's had some very bizarre incidents this year: going to his mouth on the mound during the Chisox series, carrying a spare baseball in his pocket during the Red Sox series, and now this. The Chronicler noticed the Angels retiring the ball each time after Donnelly has been on the mound at the end of each inning, which does look damned suspicious. If Donnelly has been toying with illegal substances, (1) he's been doing it a long time (at least since last year, if Guillen knew about it), and (2) it hasn't helped (4.34 ERA in 2005).

Update 4: If you are coming here from yuda.org to gloat and be a general pest, begone. I'm not kidding. In the thirty seconds since I posted that, another troll stops by. I'm closing this thread down for comments, the first time I've ever had to do that.

Update 5: Sean weighs in; I disagree with his assessment that "the Angels were in the wrong in nearly every particular" (after all, the umpires did find that Nats pitcher Gary Majewski's glove had excessively long strings). Pretty clearly, he had seen that Donnelly could be rattled with a by-the-book exaction of every rule in the rulebook. But it is the morning after. Another game to play, tonight. Time to turn the page.

Donnelly got caught in violation of the rules. That's all there is to it! The hostility is really mind-boggling.
Well, this whole brouhaha is making it pretty clear that the Angels and their fans think they need to cheat to compete.
How exactly is robinson's claim about sandpaper a shameless witchunt without credibility, but mike's claim about checking all the nat's pitchers is completely respectable. Id say the fact that Robinson was right about the pine tar gives him enough credibility. This might be the most embarassing incident in angels history, and none of it should or could be blamed on robinson.
I'm not saying Donnelly wasn't in violation of the rules. He was, and for that, he gets whatever the rules have to say about that, which includes ejection from the game and possibly suspension. So be it.

That said: how did Robinson know? Either he guessed right -- I'm sorry, the "we saw it on a video" is malarkey, how are you going to see pine tar on a black glove? -- or had a tipoff from Guillen -- much more likely. The sandpaper comment, however, was a completely unsubstantiated allegation, and a smokescreen. The fact that he didn't say anything at the time Donnelly was ejected seals the deal as far as I'm concerned; it's a manufactured charge.

Watch your mouth, Yuda. You are mighty close to being ejected from my blog. I don't suffer anyone making personal attacks against me. Got it?
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Pine tar is greenish, dude. I could see it on the TV.

And settle down!
That does it. 'Bye, Yuda. And don't come back.
Pine tar is "greenish"? It's red-brown! Try taking a look at Vlad's helmet sometime: it's covered with the stuff!
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um, that's because he wears a red helmet
and I could see a greenish smear on Donnelly's glove
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Pine tar: sure, it's green. Just like on Manny Ramirez's helmet.
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