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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Games, Games, Games

Saturday: Mariners 6, Angels 3


Sunday: Mariners 7, Angels 4

Is there any difference between these two games? Lousy pitching, lousy hitting, and the Angels fall apart about halfway through. A sweep at the hands of the last-place Mariners. Certain people predicting great things for the Angels pitching this year should maybe take a step back and realize this isn't a great staff, and certainly not one that's headed for postseason greatness. Blech.


Astros 6, Dodgers 5

All I need to do anymore is just provide the opponent; the Dodgers will be on the right hand side.

The best that's going to come of this season will be the high draft pick next year.

Update: Now this is brilliant (sorry, can't find the Register link at the moment):

After Sunday's game, starter Odalis Perez criticized Dodgers manager Jim Tracy for sending him out to pitch the sixth inning and called out his teammates for "pointing fingers at people" during a players-only meeting before Saturday's game.

"I was tired. I was completely tired," Perez said. "When I started warming up (for the sixth inning), I said my fastball is not the same. My changeup is staying up.

"I gave up four runs that inning. They can say I (messed) up. ... If I give you five good innings, why ask me to throw 100 pitches when it was just my second start after a long time on the DL?"

Because as we all know,
  1. OP can't keep his mouth shut when things start going bad, and
  2. Jim Tracy doesn't listen to his starters.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.


depo sure is a genius! How are those Home Depo shirts selling?

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