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Friday, February 17, 2006

Meta: Google Banner Ads

Love 'em or hate 'em, I'm trying out Google banner ads. Looks like they're between the mast and the top of the posts; I've made it a hopefully inobtrusive size. I'm using Adblock Plus on Firefox and recommend you do the same if you can't stand ads -- I guess it makes me a hypocrite in some ways -- though I've decided to whitelist Google, it being they're not intrusive jerks. Whatever I make off this -- and I doubt it'll be more than a few pence -- will mostly go toward funding a scholarship in the name of Bob Wuesthoff, the former Long Beach State baseball coach who's got Parkinson's.

I only get paid on the click out; beyond that, Google neither knows nor cares (unless the destination site also uses Google Adwords).
in other words, if we click, you get money for the scholarship?? Even it we don't do anything else?
Actually, I believe advertisers can also enable conversion tracking, so they pay by how often someone buys something on their site or visits a certain page or something.
That's right. But don't abuse it or anything. My terms of service includes a clause that says I can't hire people to click links. I'm not sure what they'd do about volunteers. :-)
I should stop there. I know that Google does do conversion tracking, but I'm not sure how it works. Kind of an embarrassing admission for somebody in the online ad business, huh?
Thanks Rob, I'd never heard of AdBlock Plus, now ESPN's website is almost usable.
Thanks simply for encouraging people to use Firefox. Cut into the IE share as much as humanly possible. Firefox is good stuff, and good people.
Take a look at my sidebar links under "Spreadin' The Love". Those are my favorite Firefox extensions, and a few more goodies.
"(unless the destination site also uses Google Adwords)."

curse the astablishment!!
There is no earning in google banner ads.I prefer only text ads.And the content.

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