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Friday, April 14, 2006

Brazoban Out For The Season

No, there's nothing about this season that's similar to last one. Nope, nothing like a journeyman reliever requiring Tommy John surgery. Brazoban's done for the season.

Insert expletive here. Can you pin last year on Depo, or this on Mr. Ned? If you believe in a higher power, you really have to wonder if he/she/it just ain't that pleased with McCourt owning the Dodgers.
If that were true, why did the Dodgers win the division in the first year of his ownership?
maybe he/she/it was willing to give frank the benefit of the doubt the first year :)
Sort of a buy one, get one free deal?
<< If that were true, why did the Dodgers win the division in the first year of his ownership? >>

I think we have to seriously ask what the Dodgers conditioning/med staff are doing. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous.
I wouldn't exactly call Brazoban a journeyman. After all, he has pitched for only the Dodgers in his ML career, and he's only in his third season. And he played for only one other organization.
"Journeyman" refers to his ability, not his tenure.
Of course God is not pleased with McCourt - and the reason they won the division in his first year of ownership was a merciful deity's way of saying Well, I can at least give them THIS, as it is going to have tto tide them over for quite a while...
That's what what happens when you upset the deity. Which deity?

The deity who came came to earth in Korean form, suffered under Jim Tracy,
waived by Flanders,
buried on the DL.

He descended into the hell of Extended Spring Training

The deity who, in the second week of the season, rose from the DL to hit 1-3 with a homer and 2BB.

HEE stands at first for the PawSox whense he shall continue to play leauge average defense, and he shall soon return to the majors, to save his flock in Red Sox Nation from the damnation of having JT Snow playing first base.

Choi be with us, as Choi is not with the McCourts.

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