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Monday, November 20, 2006

Reds Move LaRue To Make Ex-Dodger Ross A Starter

The Reds sent Jason LaRue to the Royals, apparently paying none of the remaining $5.3M on his contract. This clears the way for ex-Dodger Dave Ross to take the starting job in 2007. We shall see if this was a good idea or not soon enough...

Hard to see how this could be a bad idea...LaRue will be 33 next year, is weak defensively, and is a career .239/.325/.415 guy, coming off a year of going .194/.317/.346 when he lost the job to Ross AND Javier Valentin (.269/.313/.441 in 2006, .246/.304/.404 career, & a year younger than LaRue). For the Reds, the big thing is not having to pay the $5.3 million for a guy who had a decent chance of getting released anyway.

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