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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Today's Birthdays

Red Downey BRO b. 1889, played 1909, d. 1949-07-10

Doug Howard CAL b. 1948, played 1972-1974

Andy Sommerville BRO b. 1876, played 1894, d. 1931-06-16

Rube Ward BRO b. 1879, played 1902, d. 1945-01-17. "Rube" is such an epithet that it hardly seems fair that 36 players in baseball history carried the name; two such, both early players, ended up in the Hall of Fame, one of whom (Rube Waddell) deserved to be there; the other (Rube Marquard) arguably doesn't. The last such was Rube Walker, a catcher for the Dodgers who survived into the team's first season in Los Angeles.

Glenn Wright BRO b. 1901, played 1929-1933, d. 1984-04-06

SOSG On Lousy Dodger Fan Fests

Ever since the loss of Fire Jim Tracy, I've been looking for a replacement in the Dodger blogosphere. What I do here largely falls into the "that's not writing, that's typing" category, and so for my daily amusement have to head over to other, more informative sites, but there are times that Jon just can't bring himself to be cranky enough, and it's moments like those that I succumb to one or another minor vices. So it's been a pleasant change to see Sons of Steve Garvey enter the Dodgersphere, like a grain of indium hitting the troposphere mesosphere* at 18,000 MPH and making a shiny white streak in the sky. Today's flash was a kvetch about the weak Dodger Caravan that's about to kick off, with many sites offlimits to the general public and limited public attendance at those that are open.
What the hell is this? The Orioles open up Camden Yards, arguably the finest modern ballpark, to its fans, and they're an awful team. The Pirates rent out a convention center for their PirateFest and trot out their new acquisitions and jersey designs. And they suck, too. The Padres open up Petco Park to its fans over two consecutive days of their FriarFest, making it a true family event.

Heck, even the frickin' Giants hold their annual fan event at PacBell AT&T SBC (no Yahoo (yet)) Park, taking in 20,000 fans. In contrast, the Dodgers are making their players as inaccessible as the Pope. 400 fans, in a city of 4 million, will be able to meet their idols. Thanks, Dodgers, and thanks, sponsor US Bank!

I never go to the damn things; are they playing ball there? Wake me when pitchers and catchers report.
* Duh.

A Public Service: The Rev's Advice On How To Sell Season Tickets

Good advices:
Here is the most successful way I ever did it:
I sell ten games as a package - all on the same day of the week throughout the season - the three days of the weekend...
10 Friday Games, 10 Saturdays, 10 Sundays - each package on eBay.

You make at least double the face value for the Fridays and Saturdays and receive an improvement over face value for the Sunday games.

BINGO! Half the season is paid for and you still have Three Friday Games, Three Saturdays and Three Sunday games to go to, plus more than half of the other games of the season! If you stagger the weekend selections, you can end up seeing at least one game with each weekend opponent while making a nice return toward repaying some of your investment! (although it helps to include the Dodgers in each 10-game package in order to attract top Dollar)

For Dodger fans, invert the advice about "Yankees and Red Sox" to "Giants".

Are The Angels Interested In Juan Gonzalez?

Not on your life. Duh.

OT: latimes.com's New Killer App

The Times website is now documenting every single homicide in LA County. There's no room for this kind of thing on the printed page, but it makes sense for an electronic version of the paper. Trouble is, this opens the door to all kinds of "gee, we have space for doing X now, maybe we should have overworked employee Y take care of this"... nonetheless, cool that they're doing it.

OT: The Times Hires A New Editress

... and her name is Meredith Artley, formerly of the International Herald Tribune, to oversee the publication's ever swifter conversion from web presses to the Web. She's moving from Paris, so maybe she and Matt Welch's wife will have some notes to compare.

Update: LA Observed has the internal memo, culled from one of their Spring Street spies.

Thanks for the kind words, Rob. It's nice to finally be appreciated for my crankiness.

Keep up the great work (not "typing"), we love it.
Rob, you missed a birthday today. he was only a Dodger coach so that's why i guess you didn't pick him up: http://www.baseball-reference.com/r/ruthba01.shtml
but he wasn't exactly know for his coaching. other fine American bithdays today include Ronald Reagan, Axl Rose, and my daughter - the one you didn't meet.
Well, happy birthday to all of them!
Plaschke is worse; both of them subscribe to the hoary theories about clubhouse leadership and all the "veteran presence" crap that so thoroughly infuriates me, but there is one keen difference between the two: Simers occaisionally says what needs to be said. You can't say that for Plaschke, whose personal attacks are always directed at people whose very existence seems to bother him (e.g. Paul DePodesta). I have maybe read one column in the entire time I have been taking the Times (and that goes back approaching 20 years now) from Plaschke that was worthwhile; the count from Simers, while still in the single digits, is still appreciably higher.

Moreover, if I had to rate them, Dodger Blues comes out light years ahead of Simers. Simers publicly avers that his column is a schtick, but it rarely reads that way; the Blues site owner, on the other hand, really cares about the team. That is, Simers is a sort of carnie who takes your money and insults you most days. Since it's not something I indulge in regularly, I count it minor.
By the way, is this flash in the sky a good thing, or a bad thing?

And a "kvetch"? sheesh.
Hm. Next time I'll try and find a different Yiddishism.

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