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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Dodgers Home Opener Gift: Retro Gameday For Everyone!

This is still kinda experimental, but I think it should work: it's a list of links that will pop up an old-school Gameday window for every game played today. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to subject some of you to some alpha futzing while I get the kinks out. Here's the links, with the following caveats: Tigers @ Orioles
Yankees @ Twins
Royals @ Blue Jays
Devil Rays @ Rangers
White Sox @ Athletics
Phillies @ Mets
Cardinals @ Pirates
Astros @ Cubs
Rockies @ Dodgers
Brewers @ Marlins
Reds @ Diamondbacks

Update 4/11: This is addressed to the idiot who called me an idiot for not providing the gameday links for 4/10 here. This is a blog. It has daily posts. One of the daily posts will have the daily gameday links. For instance, here's today's, today being Wednesday, April 11, 2007.


That is a thing of beauty. Many thanks.
I don't like to use the word hero too often, but Rob, you sir, are a true American hero.
You are incredible - thank you sooooo much!!
It nearly brought tears to me old eyes when I saw it working on my computer, just like the good old days...

Since you are obviously a man of exceptional skillz, what can you do to get the chat feature working? ;;

does the chat work?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No, MLBAM doesn't maintain it.
Thank you so much!!! You have saved everyone!! If you can fix the top scoreboard that would be great if not still THANK YOU!!!
Not to downplay the idea, but isn't it just the current Gameday address but with the "/y2007/" changed to "/y2006/"?
Dan -- yes, that's largely true. However, because the size of the window displayed is a function of the onclick Javascript in the anchor (A) tag, it's a convenience to have that fixed, too. Since Gameday, old or new, disables the URL display, it's a somewhat more obscure process to edit it. On Firefox, that means expanding the window to expose some non-Flash space, and then right-clicking and selecting Page Info; you can then copy the address. But isn't it a lot nicer to not have to go to all that trouble? I know I prefer it this way.
THANKS, this is some stellar work. Nothing like seeing that "run-scoring play" when your guy is up to bat...fantasy baseball is right again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Can put links to MLB.TV 700K on here too?
I'm not an MLB.TV customer, so I wouldn't know.
this still sucks, the only reason I use game day is to see othe scores and to chat, this doesnt have either, I want to chat! Yours I do not want to use because you probally have it rigged to give us virus's or something
hey idiot, these are still yesturdays games!
Umm...Where are todays games??
Whoever said someone bout viruses is a ****head and where are todays games, oh well, at least said, i had it for one day.
The posts are DAILY. They will NOT appear ON THIS EXACT PAGE every day.
>"hey idiot, these are still yesturdays games!"

Well, Anonymous Coward, if you go to the main page, you'll see it's up to date every day. If, however, you're dumb enough to link to an old post and expect current data, you're just stupid.

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