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Monday, May 07, 2007

Penny Brilliant, Whiffs 14: Dodgers 6, Marlins 1

Without a doubt Penny's best game ever for the Dodgers, with the possible exceptions of his 8-0 shutout of the Pirates in his first appearance, or his dominating 9-K August 14, 2005 game against the Mets. Penny's Jamesian game score was 81, not bad for a day's work. It sure beats the painful images we had from a certain game last year, though as we now know, it was merely prelude to something far more interesting.

Maybe the most exciting part was to see the slumpy-at-Vegas Andy "No Space, Thanks" LaRoche actually go 1-for-two. It's a mirage, and he really ought to be back at Vegas as soon as they can spare him. I just don't trust this offense.

In passing, a word about the Dodgers: it's not that I've stopped following them, but when you've got season tickets, it's damned difficult to keep up with two games at once. There's no such thing as picture-in-picture when you're at the park, you know?

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