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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oh, Rats: Angel Stadium Cited For Vermin Violations

Thanks to CB for the pointer to this Register story about rats at Angel Stadium:
Discarded peanut shells, the remnants of hot dog buns, sticky ice cream wrappers and nachos coated with tangerine-colored cheese carpet the stands of Angel Stadium – about 15 tons of garbage on average per game, according to stadium officials.

The refuse can sit out for more than 12 hours before it is collected, a time lag that may help account for the 118 vermin violations that county officials logged at stadium kiosks and restaurants over the last 2 ½ years.

Of those reports, 33 represent "major" violations, in which "rodent activity" was observed by health inspectors in a "critical area" of 18 stadium food venues.

"It should be zero. A restaurant is closed down for these kinds of things," said Richard Sanchez, the director of environmental health for the county Health Care Agency.

The Angels say the problem started in 2005 with heavy rains that encouraged rats to multiply. The park has much worse numbers than Petco Park or Dodger Stadium.

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if they think the vermin are bad then, they should try attending a game with Red Sox or Dodger fans.
Yet another case of OC fans looking down their noses at LA fans..who is the real vermin?
for the record, i was born in LA County and live in Phoenix. never once lived in OC and i'm all LA, not OC.

Angelenos are cool. Dodger fans too. But when they play the Angels? not so much when they play the Angels at either place.

And i dig the "Los Angeles" Angels much more than "Anaheim" or even "California"

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