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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Know This Smudge Is True, Gary: Angels 6, Red Sox 4

Even if the Sox do come from behind to take another win from the Angels (as they all but undoubtedly will), it's gotta be worth it just to know GMJ hit two dingers in one game at Fenway.

Update, bottom 5th: And right on cue, Jon Garland gives up an infield single to Dustin Pedroia and a homer to right to David Ortiz. Tied 4-4, with only one out. Can he become the game's losing pitcher this frame, or will that become somebody else's yoke?

Well, thank you, J.D. Drew, who bounced into a double play after Garland walked Manny. Heh.

Bottom 6th: Casey homers, but that's it. I should be grateful the Angels have a lead, but oh, here's Jon Garland again. 5-4 Angels.

Top 7th: Oh, they're toying with me. After Figgins and Matthews both struck out (the Sox called up emergency pitcher Craig Hansen and had him relieve Lester last frame), Vlad reached on an error and Torii Hunter singled him across (presumably a long single to left). That brings up Anderson with a predictable change to a lefty, Javier Lopez.

Aaand Anderson takes a walk to load the bases, but Erick Aybar, of late fairly clutch, bounces back to the box to end the frame.

Bottom 7th: Manny at the plate, Ortiz at first, and Speier on the mound. Bets on a 6-5 game?

No sooner do I write that than Manny bounces out to end the inning. Still 5-4 Angels.

Bottom 9th: After Torii Hunter singled home Vlad in the top of the frame, who himself singled and stole second, Frankie came into the game and got an unusual 1-2-3 save. 6-4 Angels, and wasn't that unexpected?

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I can't even describe how I feel after attending that game and watching the ninth from the Green Monster.

Let's go Halos!
Ah, quack quack, you gave up mid-game two nights in a row. Since you won't say it, someone has to...

Crow: on your plate.

Egg: on your face.

The whole aviarian life-cycle at mealtime for the Duck!
Marcus -- heh. Hope you made it out unscathed if you were clad in Halo gear.

Andrew -- meh. The Angels still barely eked out a win with two starters and their star third baseman out of the game? Oh, my. Clearly Boston has a lot to be worried about... not. Barring a Boston meltdown that knocks them out of the postseason, and assuming the Angels make it there themselves, an Angels/Red Sox pairing has as much appeal as watching the operation of a slaughterhouse.
Did anybody else hear the post-game interview with Torii Hunter on the radio? The question was something about finally beating the Sox, and I swear I thought he said, "It's nice to stick it up their butts a little." I may have a new favorite Angel.
I love it!
The best part about winning is not having to deal with idiots after a game.

Rich, that's one of the many reasons I like Hunter, regardless of the ridiculous contract.
Rob, i thought the same thing as Andrew but wasn't going to say it ....., not the same wording aways but i guess i'm saying it now.

You can't hand the Red Sox the AL Championship on April 22nd, then discount the Angels taking the next two at Fenway. (Well, i guess you can but .....)

And which team were you referring to had starters "out"? - i'm not sure, but i know Howie and Lackey are out, and there are other assorted ailments for us.

It's April - nobody's won anything yet.
True, but the Angels don't have an answer for Manny+Big Papi, and would Lackey have been any better? (Career 7.46 ERA in Fenway.) He's been better lately, but it appeared to me that the Angels hadn't brought anything to the team in the offseason that really altered the team's construction enough to help them get past Boston, their real competition. Really, can you count on three dingers a game from the Angels?

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