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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Anderson Atones For Adenhart's Abysmal Outing: Angels 5, Royals 3

Nick Adenhart was better in this one, but not by much; he kept getting into trouble and seemed to have the John Lackey v. 2003-2005 disease in that he was constantly in two-out trouble. Fortunately, the pen was rested after Santana's complete game yesterday, so when the Angels could take advantage and make it stick. Really, though, we should properly credit Garret Anderson, who drove in every single Halo run. It's kind of unfortunate, because I have a leftover man-crush on Bannister, who was a garbage-time pickup in my fantasy team last year. He has subsequently become a stathead darling for understanding the importance of strikeouts to a pitcher.

Nick is certainly gone after his next turn, but he is testing the faith that the team invested in him to be at least marginally better than Dustin Moseley. He'll get another chance, but not past May 13, barring a setback in Lackey's rehab schedule.

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It's important to remember just how young Adenhart is. You mentioned John Lackey: he spent the bulk of his age 21 season in A-level ball, with 8 games at AA. He didn't make the show for another two years. I think Adenhart just isn't ready yet. He needs to throw more innings in the minors, and get his mechanics straight, learning how to "repeat his pitches," as the Angels like to say. He certainly has some good stuff. His fastball was consistently 92-93, and his curveball is a major league quality pitch.
No question that Adenhart has good stuff (though his minor league numbers aren't impressive from a K/9 standpoint); agreed on the spending-more-time-in-the-minors thing, with the caveat that Lackey had more or less forced his way into the rotation as much as Schoeneweis had sucked himself out of it.

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