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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aybar = Try-bar, Or, Bull-Pen: White Sox 6, Angels 1

I had to stop for gas on my way home and when I turned on the car radio, Scot Shields had intentionally walked A.J. Pierzynski so he could face Carlos Quentin. Oh, mistake (to the tune of a grand slam), but if Aybar hadn't misplayed the ball, there would have been at least one out, and maybe the rest of the inning goes differently. Speier hit the first batter he saw, walked Konerko, and was about as wobbly (from the ESPN game play-by-play — what, you think I was going to watch the rest of that?) as you can imagine.

Jose Arredondo made his major league debut, and gave up a solo homer to Nick Swisher. The bullpen just can't get any worse, and they have to get better. It's incredible to me that the bullpen hasn't blown more games than they have given how bad they've been all year.

What a lousy way to greet John Lackey in a fine debut game. Too bad Mike Napoli's sac fly was the only offense the team could muster against Chisox pitching.


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Aybar had no chance to make any play; his mistake was in trying, which put runners at 2nd & 3rd with no out, rather than 1st & 2nd, which prompted the IBB. Maybe Pierzinski makes an out or two, but we'll never know. But make no mistake: Aybar had no chance whatsoever to record an out on that play.
agree about Aybar having no chance. the ball was deep deep in the hole and he tries for some uber dramatics to get the out at 1st, airmailing the ball past Casey.
What sucks about that play is that Aybar got to it, which was unbelievable in the first place. If he holds onto it, there's runners at first/second, and it's possible that Shields gets out of that inning okay.

Regardless, a team that scores one run through 7 isn't going to win many games.

Great to see Lackey back, though.

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