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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Case Of The Missing Windmill: Cubs 3, Dodgers 1

Questions about this game: Yahoo boxRecap

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Cliff Corcoran at Bronx Banter complained for years about Torre's refusal to ever use the squeeze.
Totally agree with you on the last two bullet points, and wasn't watching in the fifth to comment on the first one.

Hu should have been sent. It's funny, for years I lamented Glenn Hoffman's daily ritual of sending runners straght into buzzsaws of catchers holding the relay from the field, for the out at home (sometimes, twice in one play!). But Bowa, who has been pretty good at the third base coach slot this year, missed this one. Hu didn't help any by looking up late to see the ball carrying over Fukudome, who got a perfect relay off the ivy to save the game-tying run.

Sweeney must be stopped. I don't know what pictures of Torre he's got in his locker, but his impotent at-bats are killing the team in pinch-hitting situations--so why give him a chance to do that 4x per game?

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