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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jones Injured, Surgery All But Certain

Tony Jackson reports Andruw Jones' knee has torn cartilege and will likely require surgery. That could certainly explain his lousy season, at least in part, and perhaps leads to the possibility (dim though it may be) that the Dodgers could get some value out of him in 2009.

Update: If the problem was his knee, Jones is reporting that the timing doesn't look very good as a cause for his bad season:

"I'm going to give it two days, and if it doesn't get better ... we'll go ahead and scope it," said Jones, using the word "scope" as a common euphemism for arthroscopic surgery. Jones went on to say team medical personnel had told him that such a procedure would carry a four- to five-week rehabilitation, meaning it probably would sideline Jones through the end of June.


"Hopefully, the swelling will go down, and I'll get more flexibility in my knee, and I can just go out there and play," Jones said. "Hopefully, I can just get treatment on it, and then probably get (the surgery) done during the offseason."

Jones said he initially felt discomfort three days ago, but that it wasn't severe enough to give it much thought.

"But when I woke up (Monday) morning, there was serious pain," Jones said.

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