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Friday, May 30, 2008

OT: "Pico And Sepulveda" From The Forbidden Zone

I saw this a couple days ago on one of the DT threads, so I don't remember who posted this, but it's a lot of fun, recalling the old Dr. Demento show.


I'm Erik and I write the blog FutureRedbirds.com. I'm heading up a mock draft amongst bloggers like yourself, and our Dodger rep has flaked out on us. It's actually a fun little thing we got going, and I've always enjoyed your blog. Wanna make pick for the Dodgers in the name of fun? It would be greatly appreciated.

It should be all self-explanatory on this link.


We have had Keith Law, Bryan Smith from BP and Saberscouting and others who are participating.
Man, I miss Dr. Demento. KMET, 94.7, 6-10 PM Sunday nights. Staple of my childhood. Thanks for the flashback.

The rest of that movie is equally nutty and excellent, if in cheerfully poor taste. It was directed by Richard Elfman, Danny's brother, and Oingo Boingo did much of the music IIRC.

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