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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Textbook Weaver: Angels 2, White Sox 0

Jered Weaver was three outs away from a complete game, and if he had been just a dozen or so pitches more efficient, he might have had a complete game shutout. As it was, the Weav looked for the world like his old 2006 self, dialing his fastball up to 91 but staying around 88 most of the game and very effective regardless. Weaver got the Sox in order in four of his eight frames, retiring the last eleven in a row and striking out six, walking only two, and no Chisox baserunner reached third.

The Angels' offense was just as flaccid as ever, and it wasn't helped by Scioscia's choice to bat Jeff Mathis, Brandon Wood, and Sean Rodriguez consecutively in the 7-8-9 slots. That came in vivid relief when, during the Angels' "big" rally, cued by Vlad's leadoff sixth inning homer, the Angels had second and third with nobody out (thanks to a throwing error by Carlos Quentin that hit the backstop) — and those three failed to drive in any of them. It was a real embarrassing moment, and the Angels just can't get Howie Kendrick back soon enough.

The best part of the game, of course, was A.J. Pierzynski getting thumbed after Frankie struck him out swinging, and Ozzie Guillen on his heels. (The game box score says it was only Guillen, but it looked to me like Pierzynski preceded him into the showers.) It was a completely painless save, and I can't imagine anybody was happier for it than Weaver, who picked up his fourth win. One more and he's got a a .500 record; and the way he's been tossing lately, I've little doubt but that he'll do it in his next start.

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Strangely routine save for KRod tonight but one thing did stick out; his first pitch to Carlos Quentin - according to MLB.com's Gameday - was a slider at 58mph.

I didn't realise he had any pitch like that let alone a slider (which is normally around 80)... or is this just an MLB.com error?
Probably his change.
It looks like an error to me.

But, you never know...
Lets not forget GMJ's great effort to throw out Swisher at second, helping Weaver keep his cool and then his catch to end the came, keeping the tying run from coming to the plate.
Agreed with GMJ, he had a fantastic game all round.

Regarding the 58mph slider - I play cricket (a lot) and as a spin bowler I 'throw' it probably around the 55 mark with effectively a hard cut action - over about 19 yards the ball dips fully six feet, so I'm thinking a 58mph slider would have more "break" than the 15" quoted on the site. I.e. error.
Bjoern -- absolutely true. GMJ's catch changed the whole complexion of the game. Shows you what I get for trying to write this summary during a very dull Dodgers game, and without keeping notes during the Angels game.
re 58 m.p.h. - sometimes, the gun catches the throw back to the pitcher, which would be about 58.

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