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Friday, May 30, 2008

Torre The Enforcer

The latest from Robothal:
Ask the Dodgers' youngsters about Torre, and they at least say all the right things. In some ways, outfielder Matt Kemp says, Torre is not much different than his predecessor, Grady Little. But Kemp quickly adds, "(Torre) expects a lot. Of course he's coming from the Yankees. He's used to winning. He's going to enforce."


The biggest knock on the Dodgers' youngsters is that they've been so highly regarded for so long, they carry themselves with a sense of entitlement. Rookie third baseman Blake DeWitt is a favorite of Torre, the coaches and the front office because he takes just the opposite approach, keeping his mouth shut and focusing on every pitch, both offensively and defensively.

Well, that would explain why the Dodgers are trying out Andy LaRoche at first (wait, isn't James Loney plugged in there?) and/or moving DeWitt to second base. I always did think Torre perpetually looked as if he were going to take a hit out on somebody.



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