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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Yankees Are A Great Team, If It Weren't For All Those Mistakes: Mets 11, Yankees 2

This was the Sunday night ESPN game of the week, and I only heard about a half-hour of the game, total, but what an embarrassment the radio announcers were. Dave Campbell in particular was just awful, on no fewer than three occasions mentioning how Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang was just "unlucky" that a couple of balls just happened to miss infield gloves. Wang wasn't terrible; in fact, he retired the side in order in five of his seven innings. But when he missed, it just rained on him, as in the four-run fourth that should have been a six-run inning. The umpires (according to the radio callers themselves) huddled and got wrong a foul ball call that should have been a three-run homer for the Mets' Carlos Delgado, probably the first time I can think of that an umpire conference has resulted in the wrong call. And then, later in the game, out comes the old nonsense about how Derek Jeter is one of the great defensive shortstops in the game. No wonder (some) Yankee fans are so arrogant: everyone tells them just how great their team is, even when it's not true. I doubt any of the ones with brains believe it; certainly, the standings would indicate otherwise.

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