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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Berroa Constrictor: Cubs 3, Dodgers 1

It's the thought process that counts, and mark my words, before this season is over, Angel Berroa will blow a routine play or just fail to get to a ball that Chin-Lung Hu would have gotten to. The Dodgers are just so infuriating right now; what's the point here? One of Jon Miller or Joe Morgan in today's broadcast let slip that the germ of the Berroa trade came from bench coach Bob Schaefer; fair enough, but is that sufficient grounds to fire him? Not really; Colletti's hide needs to be on the line for the continuing idiocy of the front office. I remit my older piece on this topic and pass on, repeating myself endlessly into the night.

That done: Brad Penny pitched a good game by his 2008 lights, posting a quality start by the letter of the law but not the spirit of the name. The Dodgers' offense was once again stymied by Cubs pitching, and thus a split four-game series at home. Only one Dodger got as far as third, Juan Pierre in the first to tie the game, but that was all of that adventure.


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