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Monday, June 16, 2008

Brain Farts: Mets 9, Angels 6

Weaver didn't have it, and according to Helen, who watched it, he let himself get taken out of his game following Mathis' first inning throwing error, contributing to him giving up a cookie to Carlos Beltran for one of the two homers he would have in this game (both off Weaver). In general, the loss goes on him, and rightly so, but there was plenty of blame to go around otherwise: Just a comedy of errors, only without the "ha-ha" part. Weaver needs to do something to clear his head.

I wonder whether Jeff Weaver's release by the Brewers from his minor league contract is weighing on him.

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We were at this game and the baserunning was atrocious. Even the runners who were safe on some of those plays should not have been moving. I'm all for aggressive baserunning, but it was downright suicidal tonight.

Other than Scioscia sticking with Weaver too long, the big blow was Vlad and Hunter striking out back to back to end the 7th. Despite our best efforts, the crowd was out of it most of the night except for this half inning. Those K's effectively killed the rally, the momentum and any crowd support.

It was encouraging to see them score some runs, but the rest of their game was lacking.

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