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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Clutch Hitting? What's That? A's 7, Angels 3

Chris Bootcheck isn't really a major league pitcher, but he can impersonate one for one or two batters once in a while. I understand he gave up a grand slam in today's game, something I missed, I suppose you could say mercifully, because KCOP decided to drop the feed at that precise moment. No matter, it wasn't a surprise.

The Angels had the winning run in scoring position several times in extras, but couldn't push it across. Frustrating to watch, really, but I didn't expect them to sweep. Still, a successful road trip even if the final game was annoying.


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Surely we have a better option for long relief sitting in AAA? Please can we get rid of Bootcheck?
Only if you like the idea of Darren O'Day and his sinker act.
Given that the sinker works more often than it doesn't, and has provided him with a career HR9 fast approaching zero, yeah, I'll take Darren O'Day any day of the week over Bootchuckitoverthefence.

O'Day has a career 2.68 ERA in the minors, gave us a 3.43 ERA in 16 appearances in Anaheim, and has a 3.38 ERA in the hitter's paradise of the PCL. What's not to like?

DFA Boot, and bring up Darren until such time as Mr Escobar can pitch three times a week from the mound without his arm hitting the backstop.
The thing about Bootcheck (and about the only thing he has going for him at this point) is that he can give you as many as 3 or 4 innings in a mop-up role. I see O'Day as being able to give you no more than six outs.

Ditto for Rich Thompson.

The real question is whether there's anyone floating around who could fill that role. But really, how often does Bootcheck even get into a game? His appearance would have been completely unnecessary had the Angels been able to cash in even one of their countless scoring opportunities, even in extra innings.

Actually, I think there is an answer at AAA.

He's not much better than Bootcheck, but I believe he is better, assuming he's healthy now.

His name is Dustin Moseley.

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