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Monday, June 02, 2008

Ervin Picks Up Another Road Win: Angels 4, Mariners 2

Ervin Santana picked up his eighth win of the year; he's now exactly as good on the road (4-1) as he is at home, though his road ERA was about a run and a half worse. No matter, as he ought to have made up quite a bit of ground with this win, going one out away from eight.

Mike Scioscia gave Jose Arredondo yet another tough assignment replacing Ervin with a short lead late in a game, and he didn't fail; normally Scioscia would call in Scot Shields in that position, so we shall see who gets to pitch when, but it's always nice to have options.

Frankie pitched a fairly uninteresting ninth, despite a relatively scary flyball out to Adrian Beltre; fortunately, Safeco is unkind to right-handed power hitters, and it was just a long loud out.

Jeff Mathis' unexpected two-run homer in the third was the highlight of the scoring. The Angels put up another couple in the fourth, but the unfortunate story in this game was Howie Kendrick and the eight baserunners he stranded, going 0-for-5 with a pair of strikeouts. To be honest, I wondered whether they might have rushed him back to the majors given he hadn't faced any live pitching in quite some time; it's probably a matter of getting his timing back, but I have a feeling he's gonna have a bad week or two just getting acclimated.

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The radio team noticed that Shields wasn't even in the bullpen last night, he was in the dugout. They asked about it and found out he has some tightness in his left side and was unavailable.

Also 3 of Mathis' 4 home runs this year have come at Safeco, including that last one.
Left side, huh? That's the non-throwing side, so I guess that's better than the alternative.

PhysnHud noticed as well. Hud, intrepid reporter that he is, was down by the Angels dugout at that point and saw Shields in there, and gestured to Scot, who gave him a "thumbs-up." Great reporting, huh?

Arredondo is looking like the real deal. What has impressed me the most about him is that he has yet to walk anyone at this level. He's gone to 3 balls a few times, but has always come back and challenged the hitter...and not always with a fastball, either. I like the confidence to throw a breaking ball or splitter on a 3-ball count.

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