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Monday, June 09, 2008

I Was Saying Something About The Offense...: Rays 13, Angels 4

The last time the Angels got this shelled, it was at the hands of Frank Thomas and the A's back on April 28, when the Angels lost 14-2 to Oakland at home. The Angels gave up eight runs in the fifth; they coughed up another eight-run inning only three days later on May 1, a good day for it considering the Angels were probably ready to cry, "Mayday!"

I fully expect the pitching will fall apart from time to time; it's a long season. But if the Angels' offense doesn't start getting it done — and four runs is a step in that direction, I should venture, but not much of one — the pitching will collapse out of sheer exhaustion if nothing else. Joe Saunders had nothing, and neither did Darren O'Day or Darren Oliver. The only Angel pitcher to come out unscathed was, surprisingly or not, Jose Arredondo. I stopped listening after the five-run fifth, and when, out of curiosity, I flipped the car radio back to the game, I heard the Rays had amassed a staggering 13 runs and 18 hits. Hopefully they forget how to hit the rest of the series, or, "Momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher."

Lost in all of this: Tori Hunter's 200th career home run. At least Vlad was on base ahead of him, and now that I look at it, he was one of the few Angels to turn in a good night, going 4-for-4.

Finally: I note Brandon Wood and his appalling .131 average still made it into the game as a late innings defensive replacement at short. Would Wood be up here if Figgins weren't injured? Certainly not, but that doesn't mean that the Angels will ship him off to AAA so they can plumb the depths of Angel Berroa's wretchedness with the glove and bat. I leave that as an object lesson to the Dodgers, who have no idea how to deploy their talent. The fact that Edwin Jackson got his fourth win in this game should be proof enough of that proposition.

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