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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Narrow Escape: Angels 1, Dodgers 0

The Dodgers are 13th in runs scored in the National League with 331, while the Angels are 12th with 340, which is to say, both teams are plagued with pretty pitiful poor offenses. John Lackey was his usual dominating self up until the ninth inning, when he bulled Mike Scioscia leaving him in almost a batter too long, but Frankie Rodriguez managed the save — though not first without loading the bases.

There's something intrinsically comic about Mike Napoli driving in the only run of the game; I only wish I could figure out what it was. The unfunny part of the game was Juan Pierre limping off the field after a hard slide into second; not so long ago, that could have had positive results for the Dodgers, but it's hard to see how Jason Repko would be better as a leadoff man than Pierre, and that's saying something — unfortunately.

The best part was that the Giants put on an 11-1 beatdown on Oakland, leaving the Angels still 4.5 games up. The worst the A's can do even if they sweep the Angels in the upcoming homestand is to get to 1.5 games. As for the Dodgers, a two-run Florida uprising in the bottom of the ninth turned into a walkoff win that defeated Arizona 4-3, so the Dodgers end the day 2.5 games back of a Diamondbacks team suddenly .500, the worst division leader in baseball. Wow.

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