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Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Unoriginal Dodger Thoughts

Jay Jaffe in today's Hit List:
Fool Rushes In Without Fearing Where Angel Treads: The Dodgers are just 13-21 since Rafael Furcal went on the DL, and in the face of his latest setback and a dearth of other options--unless you count Chin-Lung Hu, Luis Maza, and about 10,000 other professional ballplayers--the Ned Colletti regime reaches a new low by trading precious organic matter for the undead Angel Berroa. Since winning 2003 AL Rookie of the Year honors, Berroa has hit just .255/.292/.364 while fielding at a clip 55 runs below average, showing so much promise that the Royals chose to have him spend his age-29 season in Triple-A so that they could avoid another 100-loss season. Stupid Flanders may not be done wreaking havoc, as there's word via the grapevine that he's considering trading Matt Kemp again.
I understand that Sweeney is DHing in today's contest. Isn't that special?

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