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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tech: Overriding MLBAM's Broken Default Gameday Audio Launcher

I keep meaning to make some mention of this, but one problem I kept having with the new Gameday Audio launcher is that it assumes, incorrectly, that you're using Silverlight even when you aren't. The way around this is pretty simple: if you see the Flash control panel appear on the Gameday Audio launcher instead of the MediaPlayerConnectivity filler (you really should be using that), the trick is to go into the cookies and erase the SLInstall cookie (Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy, and click on the "Show Cookies" button, then search for "mlb.com"). There may be more than one, so erase all of them. You should then be able to start Gameday Audio using MediaPlayerConnectivity. This cookie keeps getting set, so you may have to go through this each time you log in or launch. It would be nice if there were a way to reject just specific cookies.

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