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Monday, July 07, 2008

Report: Dodgers Pursuing Pirates' Jack Wilson

The Beaver County Times/Allegheny County Times reports the Dodgers are talking to the Pirates about a deal to get shortstop Jack Wilson.
The stumbling block appears to be what the Dodgers are willing to give up in return. Two sources indicated the Pirates are having a hard determining exactly which players Los Angeles would give up in a trade.

A Dodgers source indicated that Los Angeles might be willing to deal center fielder Matt Kemp. The 23-year-old right-handed hitter, who has both power and speed, is considered a potential superstar.

Kemp is hitting .283 with seven home runs, 45 RBIs and 18 stolen bases in 82 games this season.

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Geez, someone needs to get Ned Colletti's phone number to Tony Reagins. I'd like to think he'd be more than happy to give the Dodgers their pick of Maicer Izturis or Erick Aybar if the McCourts are ready to let go of Matt Kemp. Either of those is a deal I'd make in a heartbeat, if that, if I were Reagins.

Either of those players is substantially better, not to mention younger and cheaper, than Jack Wilson.
this has got to be a joke and a bad one at that... ned colletti should get fired if he pulls the trigger on this deal...
Seems like the Angels could just run the Guillen trade again: Izturis+Rivera for Kemp. It's $5 mil cheaper for the Blue Crew, and they get more for longer. The Angels could just call up Sean Rodriguez from Salt Lake to complement Aybar, and they'd have a legit corner OF to replace GA with going forward.
That's actually a pretty respectable haul for both sides, Maxwell. I think the Angels take a bit of a hit losing a quasi-starting shortstop in a season in which they have no real good alternatives, but I could live with anything where Kemp ends up in an Angels uni.

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