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Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet Your New Nemeses: Rays 6, Angels 4

It's nigh-well impossible to read much into regular season matchups, but the way the Rays have been marching through pretty much everybody these days, the message is clear that the Angels have some soul-searching to do come October, assuming they don't collapse between now and then. That, of course, is unlikely, but while the Angels have fielded some very good teams in recent years, what they haven't done is to show a lot of resilience in the postseason. They seem to get mowed down of late; the Teixeira move was supposed to address that, but echoing the team's recent postseasons, Chone Figgins didn't get on base once, and in general the 1-through-4 hitters were a pathetic 3-for-15. The only redeeming feature of the game was Juan Rivera's two RBIs (one on a solo homer), and B.J. Upton managing to erase himself from the bases.

Recognizing that anything can happen in the postseason, I don't like what this game portends for the Angels, being as it sets a season series loss to the Rays.

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Let alone a team not at full strength (Longoria and Crawford).
Carl Crawford I wasn't too worried about, as he's got a 92 OPS+ this year. The real issue is Longoria.

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