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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Angels' Magic Number For ALDS Home Field Advantage Is 2

Gilbert Quinonez (who posted the same thing at Halos Heaven) writes that the Angels' magic number for clinching first-round home field advantage is two. His reasoning:
  • The Halos would have a better record than any AL Central team
  • If the wild card comes out of the East, the Angels would play the wild card team, and the wild card team never gets home-field advantage.
  • If the wild card came out of the Central, even if the Angels had a worse record than the AL East winner, the Angels would still have a better record than the Central winner, meaning the Angels would have home-field in the first round.
Of course, for full home-field advantage, the Angels have 11 games left and a magic number of 9 against the Rays.

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