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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Frankie Owes Scioscia Six Innings: White Sox 7, Angels 6 (15 Innings)

The Angels threw away leads of three and one runs, by John Lackey and K-Rod, respectively. Brandon Wood homered off Bobby Jenks, and any time that happens, kittens and puppies are happy. Torii Hunter couldn't get a hit to save his damn life, and welcome to your new postseason suckage, Angels. Mike Scioscia made an inexplicable switch to get Mike Napoli out of the game for Reggie Willits, and yanked Juan Rivera for Jeff Mathis.

Good news: Jason Bulger provided three excellent innings of relief.

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Good news: Speier is off the Post Season roster.
Sure. But today's loss shouldn't have changed that.
yeah, but it was the nail in the coffin (in my mind) and removed any chance he had in just my opinion.

though you are right as many wrote him off long ago.

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