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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Silly McCourt Lawsuit Rumor

The latest Shysterball passed-along-rumor about a possible Frank McCourt lawsuit against Andruw Jones for his incredible sucktitude reminds me of a certain word's Germanic origins. They're called guaranteed contracts for a reason. (Actually, to be fair, this came from an ESPN the Magazine story, and so they're just passing it on; but it really is a bunch of sheiß.)

Mandatory followup:

The Hollywood-Ending Cautionary Tale Award
When Josh Hamilton stole the show at the Home Run Derby, it spawned another round of "comeback from the depths" stories, which are fantastic, buuut… Hamilton is still young, and talented, and at least in a baseball sense, all the way back. In all seriousness, we wonder about the effect this has on a kid who is 18 and doing drugs. Does he think, "Hey, I still got time to hit rock-bottom with this stuff, because look at him!" Bless Hamilton, but sometimes the best examples of what drugs can do to kids are the guys who never make it back. Just saying.
Because, what, you believed all that B.S. about "Winners Don't Do Drugs"? Seriously? I guess that says something both profound and pathetic about the War On Drugs — guys who recover from self-induced stupidity to actually amount to something blow the minds of said War's proponents.

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