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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tech: What I Want (Before) Christmas: The New Blackberry Storm

Due out some time in November: the Blackberry Storm. I saw this yesterday (photos only) at the Verizon store in Huntington Beach, and what a nifty piece of hardware it appears to be. The only thing on my wish list that isn't there is built-in WiFi capability; for reasons unknown, they elected not to provide one, odd for a product supposed to be lined up as an iPhone killer. Nonetheless it's close enough, and as I have a serious grudge against AT&T, the iPhone is right out of the question, especially after Apple inked a deal with AT&T to extend their window of exclusivity through 2010.

Given the poor performance of the latest Palm I got (the Palm T|X, which had endless problems between the screen freaking out on me, the weird new Grafitti, a crappy and apparently mandatory Palm-written UI on the Mac that's just unbearable, and no working interface to Linux apps), I think I'm finally ready to ditch the Palm line.


I'm due for a new BB next month from the firm I work for. I think I'm holding out for one of these. Now if they'd just get around to releasing slingbox software...
Forgot to mention: the Verizon logo is on the front of the unit for a reason. The Storm is a Verizon exclusive, according to the girl I spoke with at the store.
If you like this, check out the new T-Mobile Dream phone that uses the google os platform. I work for T-Mobile and got to play with it. By far the coolest phone I have ever seen.
We're Verizon here, so that's not a problem. In fact, that's what interested me.
Wasn't too interested in switching carriers, mainly because of coverage. It used to be the case that T-Mobile was just reselling AT&T cell service, but I understand that has changed.
ya, we always seem to get products after everyone else. But being the little guy on the block compared to the giants (att and verizon), we had a lot of feedback our customers didn't like having phones with a ton of problems. we thouroughly test now so that we don't have to have our customers exchange. We try to get the bugs out. if you switch carriers, nows the time to get one of the coolest products released outside of the iphone.

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