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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tony Pierce On Classless Dodger Fans

It's probably worse in the bleachers — one reason I never go there — but the boorish behavior detailed by Tony Pierce is sadly all too common, an event marring Dodgers games for even Dodger fans (this one, anyway); the "X sucks" chants are not only old, but unimaginative and almost thuggish. Given the three hours I spent in traffic at my last game (one in and two out, though admittedly it was a postseason game), it's no surprise that I go to fewer and fewer of these. My understanding is that the trolley service is no help because the trolleys rely on exit paths blocked by auto traffic as well. That's too bad.

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"...this one anyway"???


Good one. Some fan. Always finding something to bitch about with the Dodgers. If it not the players it's the ownership (well it's always the ownership). If it's not the ownership it's the fans or something else that sticks in your craw.
That's because most Dodger fans are classless, drunk assholes.

I feel safer at Fenway than I do in Chavez Ravine.
6:51 is awfully early to start on a bender.

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