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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Walk Like A Man, Mash Like A God: Dodgers 7, Cubs 2

It occurred to me while this game was in progress that perhaps the most important difference between the two teams was the relative postseason experience of both starting pitchers. I know, I know, that sounds like a cop-out for Cubs partisans, but on a night when the strike zone was relatively tight, Ryan Dempster couldn't settle down and throw strikes, while Derek Lowe did, and mostly got the kind of groundball outs he does. Dempster bumbled into a career-high seven walks, of which three scored — on a wholly unexpected and impressive grand slam by James Loney to dead center.

Really, that was the game. The Dodgers continued the pounding by scraping out single runs against the Cubs' relief corps in the seventh through ninth, two of them on solo homers by Manny Ramirez and Russell Martin. The Cubs offensively fell into some of their more notorious bad habits; I recall mentioning to Helen in the fifth once Kosuke Fukudome reached with one out that Derrek Lee was a double play candidate. Sure enough, he bounced out to end the inning, and Lowe had nabbed his second double play of the game.

So the Dodgers pick up their third second postseason win since 1988, and pull ahead early in this series. It's a good foot to start on, and while I in no way expect the rest of the series to go like this, it's got to give the Blue some confidence going forward.

Incidental note: Apparently a Cubs fan was arrested for throwing a ball at Manny during the game. It's not fair to do that unless he has a bat in his hand.

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I am sad to report that I think this is only our second postseason victory since 1988. Yay, futility!
Fixed above. For some reason I remembered them getting one against the Mets in 2006.
they did have two men thrown out at the plate in one play within seconds of one another against the Mets - that's all I remember about that series.
Yeah, that was hilaripusly embarrasking.

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