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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Official: Juan Rivera Returns To Angels On 3-Year/$12.75M Deal

Reports from MLB.com and the AP indicate the Angels and Juan Rivera have agreed to a 3 year, $12.75M deal. I really like this; the Angels didn't have a lot of options in the outfield (sadly, Reggie Willits doesn't count), his glove isn't a liability (unlike Pat Burrell, whom I also wouldn't mind signing), and he's signed at a price that means he's a bit steep if he can't play. I think he's got enough to be a useful starter, further marginalizing Gary Matthews, Jr.'s role. It also pushes Reggie Willits into the role of tradebait or a DFA, because his skill set just doesn't map well in baseball: a guy who can only play the corner outfield positions, has plus speed but can't play center, and has great OBP but can't hit for power? Sorry, Reggie, your 15 minutes are up.

Reiterating: I like this deal.

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Game 4 of the ALDS showed that Reggie W. cannot really reliably play the corner outfield.
The whole series showed Howie Kendrick can't play second base, period. Oh, wait... it's a small sample size?

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