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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moreno: And You Can Stuff Your Manny, Too, Scott

The Angels won't be involved in any negotiations with Manny Ramirez, apparently, like, ever:
Tony Reagins killed lingering speculation that the Angels still might be interested in Mark Teixeira, saying today that the team has "completely closed the door" on the free-agent slugger who was offered an eight-year, $160-million deal by the Angels.

The general manager then slammed the door on another free agent who has been prominently linked to the Angels: Manny Ramirez, the slugger who led the Dodgers to the National League Championship Series in October.

"Manny will not be an Angel," Reagins said in his first public comments since the Angels pulled their offer to Teixeira on Sunday. "We're going to give our kids an opportunity to play. We signed [outfielder] Juan Rivera to a three-year deal, and we think, given at-bats, he can be productive player.

"With Torii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr., Reggie Willits, our outfield is intact. It will not happen. We are not going to sign Manny Ramirez. End of story."

This may all be posturing, but with this statement it looks a lot like the Angels are poisoning the well with regards to Scott Boras, who has a number of clients he'd like to build bidding wars with. It's harder if the Angels don't coöperate.

Update: Also on MLB.com, which has a far stronger statement:

"Manny Ramirez will not play for the Angels in 2009, or beyond, for that matter," Reagins said.

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