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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Olney: Teixeira, Yanks Agree On $170M/8-Year Deal

Arte's suspicions were probably right: Teixeira's a Yankee, says Buster Olney, citing a $170M/8-year deal.

Also via Jon Heyman at Sports Illustrated.

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It does kinda suck that the Yankees can literally outspend everyone, including Boston. It would have been nice if Bora$ could have pushed them even harder and gotten the contract to $200 million. I'd hate to think that the Halos lost out for a difference of "only" $1-$2 million a year; when you're talking those crazy figures, what's another million or two?
So should the Angels just sign Adam Dunn and be, uh, "Dunn wit-it"? If we're going with the "kids", if Rivera and Morales can be considered that, might as well have a slugger that can play both their positions (1B/LF) and hit 40 HRs per season to back them up.
I'm all for playing the kids but... I don't see where we go to even reach last year's level of performance.
KC is gone so a novice defensively and offensively at first. Second I'm ok with, third and short is going to be a platoon of Izturis, Aybar, Wood, Figgy - all okay but the only potential offensive star is still not ready to hit 20+HR let alone bat above .250.
Nap I love and could be the one genuine improvement. Outfield will either degrade (GMJ, Vlad, Hunter) be average (Rivera) or anonymous (Reggie).
Our bullpen is weaker whichever way you look at it. I was never a massive fan of KRod but we lose a setup guy at least to the closer role.
Our rotation *might* be improved should Escobar come back fit and better than ever but we have little choice since the cream of the free agent crop has gone to the Yankees and any trade for Peavy will cost probably two starters or one and our only decent prospect which isn't much of a net gain on an already decent 5.

IF's in the offense, IF's in the defence, IF's in the bullpen. Even IF they all come off AND they stay healthy (which, let's face it, never happens to us) we're still weaker than last year unless Santana, Saunders and Weaver all turn dominant at the same time, for the whole season.
Even then we will still have to overcome our own demons against the Red Sox and then the freekin' Yankees.

Okay, okay it's not that bad. Good manager, good youth, crap teams in our division.

I thought this would bother me a lot more, but it really doesn't. The AL East is going to beat the hell out of itself for the coming years. Texas won't ever be good until they fix their ballpark, Oakland has a big problem with offense, and Seattle is in the first year of new, albeit competent, ownership.

2009 is there for the Angels to take. This team needs to have a year to test out its prospects, why not now? The playoffs aren't going to be impossible to reach, even with the kids. Once we get there, well, who knows.
Jeez, why must players have so little imagination - "take the most money, from the Yankees".

It's just so dull.

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